STAFF and cast

wade yancey

Head Admin, Partner-Owner

Wade comes from the 1ID at Oklahoma D-Day and has been organizing games for many years. One of the founding members of Mudcrab, Wade started the company to produce great events for his friends and family to come together at D-Day.

isaac mason

Head Admin, Partner-Owner

One of the hardest working individuals in the organization, Isaac Mason comes from Joplin Airsoft roots. The operator of Joplin First Saturday Operations, Isaac is also the director of operations for the D-Day facility.

ita darcy

Staff Mom

Wade's mother, Ita helps maintain the bathrooms and cooks for our staff at events and during work-parties! She's been coming out to the field with her son for more than 10 years now.

miranda mason

Check-In Coordinator, Admin

Miranda is usually the first face you meet at a Mudcrab event. She's handled check-in operations for First Saturday Operations and Mudcrab Milsim for many years! 

terrie hunter

Admin, Merchandise

Terrie helps keep things organized behind the scenes and helps develop projects. She's been attending Oklahoma D-Day and other events at the park for more than eight years!

daniel flores

Game Designer, Field Admin

Daniel has been designing, coordinating, and participating in live action events for more than 10 years. He helps us create and carry out one of a kind live action experiences for our awesome community.

jeff murphy

Game Designer, Cartographer, Field Admin

One of the original founders of the Mudcrab Brigade, Murphy moves fast and helps us wrangle air-strikes, missions, and fires as they arise.

jakob "cowboy" keller

Motorpool Officer, Field Admin

Cowboy comes from the 899th at Oklahoma D-Day and has been involved with Mudcrab operations since year one. Cowboy helps as a head admin and responds to field issues as the arise.

zach "beetus" wolgamont

Senior Field Referee

Coming from the 1ID at Oklahoma D-Day, Beetus has been coming to the field for 10+ years. A friendly face with a great beard, he will always try his best in any situation.

"mini BC" aka "queen shrimp"

Senior Field Referee

A long time Oklahoma D-Day attendee, Mini has 10+ years of experience playing and reffing at the most rugged field in scenario paintball and airsoft.

brannin "roomba" thornton

Field Referee

Brannin hails from the high Kansas plains and is passionate about bringing our events to life across social media. One of the friendliest faces in the brigade, hands down.


Merchandise, Field Referee

Connor is also from the great flatness of Kansas and has been playing paintball and coming to D-Day for 10+ years and is passionate about growing the sport of paintball. 

jon "crow" lemmons

Motorpool Officer, Field Referee

Crow is the admiral of the Mudcrab motorpool fleet. He specializes in vehicular necromancy and prides himself in knowing the correct combination of swear-words required to remove the wheel-hub of a 13,000 lb army truck. 

jason "cope" copeland

Motorpool Officer, Motorpool Driver, Field Referee, RTO

Another member of the 899th, Copeland drives trucks and helps us fix things as they break. He's also a trail master and one of our many jeep enthusiasts. 

aaron "church" richburg

Motorpool Driver, Field Referee, RTO

Church has been reffing and driving at events for more than ten years. Church comes from the 899th at Oklahoma D-Day. A trail master and jeep enthusiast.

dan "rollover" meyer

Motorpool Officer, Field Referee

A long time on field referee and player, Rollover has been participating in action sports for a long time. An automotive enthusiast, he's a recognized commodore of the Mudcrab motorpool for his stewardship of the Dan-Rango and XJ. 


Motorpool Hand, Field Referee

Hunter comes from the 352nd at Oklahoma D-Day and helps organize our paintball open-plays. A big fan of stock-class paintball, Hunter works with the MOAK event group to plan low-cap meetups. Hunter is also a jeep enthusiast.

ashton mccall

Field Referee, Airman Assistant

Ashton has been helping ref games on the facility for 10+ years. 

tyler "fos" perkins

Field Referee, Discord Admin

Coming from New Hampshire, Tyler flies in to help us on the field. He also helps wrangle our Arma operations and manages our Discord server.

jonnie vue

Photographer, Senior Field Referee

Jonnie has helped us with photography and media for many years now and has been coming to Oklahoma D-Day as a referee and a player for more than 10 years now.

kade portenier

Airman, Motorpool Hand, Field Referee

Kade has been helping out and attending Oklahoma D-Day for 8+ years. You can find him often at the air-room and won't hesitate to help you solve a problem!

chris terry


One of our primary photographers, Chris with Firebrand 405 does great work making you look cool behind the camera.