camping/FACILITY rules

  • BEHAVIOR: Respect your fellow participant, the facility, and the staff. Please do not litter. There will be a designated trash pickup area in each camp area as well as numerous trash-cans scattered about. Do not throw glass bottles or trash of any kind into your campfire. We work really hard to groom the field and broken glass is a major hazard. Please be mindful of the volume of your music and your generators and respect when your neighbors are trying to sleep. Do not enter another person’s campsite without being expressly invited.

  • ALCOHOL: Alcohol is only allowed within your campsite and at the player party. Do not bring alcoholic beverages into the vendor area or onto the field. Do not provide alcohol to minors. During the duration of the event, your campsite is your private property, and we will respect that as long as you do not cause problems for your fellow player or for the facility.

  • DRUGS: Any and all illicit drugs/substances are expressly forbidden. If you are caught under the influence or in possession of an illicit substance you may be ejected at the discretion of the organizer.

  • THEFT/VIOLENCE: If you steal or act violently at our event you will go to jail. Period.

  • CAMPFIRES: Campfires are allowed with METAL FIRE RINGS ONLY as long as there is not a burn ban in effect. Please do not bring firewood from your home, as it could carry diseases/pests that could harm our facility’s tree life. There will be multiple fire-rings available for use by campers on site.

  • PROHIBITED ITEMS: Do not bring firearms, weapons, pyrotechnics, fireworks, explosives, or swords onto the premises or onto the playing field. Firearms are absolutely not allowed. Period

  • PETS: Pets are not allowed.

  • LOST ITEMS: Event Staff are not responsible for any items lost on the field. We will however make all efforts to return your property to you if one of our staff members find your item.