Leadership during Wargame Oklahoma is generally managed by the game staff at the army/unit level. Below that all “rank” items are handled by the player-commands.

While leadership roles may have fictional “ranks” within the player armies, these persons hold no real authority over players. Generally anyone in a leadership role has special knowledge about the AO or the event and is in contact with a higher command, so listening to their field-calls is suggested but is in no way mandatory or enforceable.

The PRIMARY purpose of ALL leaders at Wargame Oklahoma is to ensure that the players within their command are safe, informed, and having fun. Everything else a leader does at this event comes secondary to these core values.

Officers are comped tickets for meeting the following standards:

  • Officers should always make sure their players are hydrated, safe, informed, and having fun.

  • Officers must embrace the spirit of the game and understand that winning/losing comes secondary to harboring a good atmosphere for the players.

  • Officers must assist the staff with operations in some way during the weekend. Officer assistance is highly needed at check-in, chrono, and at safety-briefings. We also ask officers help police camp/field trash and assist in setup/tear-down of the faction headquarters.

  • Officers should embrace any and all shenanigans which build comradery and tradition at the event. Having fun is always the mission and shenanigans keep things fun.

  • Officers should "promote" players who exhibit honorable/sportsmanlike qualities to NCO positions and to embrace the "fake-army" atmosphere we are trying to create. Any rank pins given to a player should be painted a bright color like green, pink, or yellow if possible.

  • Officers may come up with fictional awards/citations to give to players for acts of sportsmanship.

It was a founding principle for the game that the player-base become a family and that can only be achieved by honoring these values.